Funny Farming

Our spring 2017 ventures continue. As spring quickly turns to summer I thought it time to give an update what’s been happening on the Innisfree Homestead.

The seeds I carefully planted, spritzed and placed in my window sill, quickly sprouted and died… I’m apparently not disciplined enough… but I refuse to give up and will try again. However, now that the weather is finally co-operating it is important that I get some plants into the raised beds – my starter potatoes are ready and I have some bean seeds and carrots to start, I will purchase my tomato and pepper plants for another year. My Dad is helping me by creating a 1’x1′ tool to help me layout my square foot garden better.

The rabbits? Well, Alex and Aaron were very wild and one of the fellows has for sure has disappeared. Whether he ventured out and was carried off or what we are not sure but, he has not been seen for at least 1 month. And the remaining fellow is hippy-hopping somewhere in the corners of our barn, also very elusive.

However, good news we only lost 2 of our 30 chicks and they are growing and fattening up nicely. 10 will be new laying hens to refresh and revive our flock. The rest will be good for the freezer. One thing, I was forced to learn early on with our chicken venture… “live” stock inevitably leads to “dead” stock and although I sometimes still cry when the inevitable happens I am getting a tougher skin about things. Like the dog killing a second hen… grrr! And losing another hen to a hawk… who’d of thought?! And Big Red, our very beautiful, docile rooster, being killed by our new, much more aggressive, Barred Rock rooster (who broke out of confinement). Yes, my grandfather was right, “live” stock does lead to “dead” stock.

And finally, the spring pigs… well, I’d almost given up hope for this year, but, hubby works with a gentleman who has a couple of piggies for us and we’re going to have a look at them tomorrow, I’m so excited!! I’ve already, with the help of Pinterest, designed their feeder and started to gather the materials. Now I just need to talk to a man about a water barrel and another about some t-stakes. Thanks to our very good farmer friends up the road we have already acquired several pallets which we will use for now as a makeshift pen to hold them until they are too big to get through the page wire.

Tomorrow is chicken coop cleaning day too! Not my favourite thing to do but the hens love a nice clean coop to come home to at the end of a busy day of dust bathing and pecking.

Next up…  a bit of building for the hay burners, a new stand-in shelter so they can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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