Funny Farming

It’s been a very busy summer at the Innisfree Funny Farm! We began the summer with 2 new piggies, Cheese and Crackers. Unfortunately, Crackers escaped under the fencing which ended in tragedy. Cheese remains and is getting fatter every day.

Clucky with Larry, Curley & Moe

Old Clucky sat on a clutch of eggs this spring and hatched 3 chicks (1 brown hen, 1 barred rock hen, and 1 white rooster). Chickens are amazing mothers! Clucky had one of her feet stepped on while protecting her babies. Amazingly, this momma, in spite of immense pain, kept her babies moving about the yard showing them how to peck and scratch and protecting them from danger and making sure they got home to roost each night.

We invested in 30 meat birds and 5 new laying hens. They are growing slowly but surely and it’s shaping up to be a busy September-October. I may need to request a little help from my friends again this year.


Two new raised beds were built this spring, one was seeded, the other is dormant until next year. We are testing some new veggies this year, including brussel sprouts, beets and broccoli (or cauliflower, not really 100% at this point which succeeded and which didn’t make it). In spite of the extremely dry July, we are seeing some positive results. Green beans have had the best results, with enough to freeze some for the winter months!

The apple tree, which was planted mid-summer 2017, is already producing fruit. They might not be very large apples, but considering how dry it was this summer it’s impressive there is any fruit at all. The pear trees have not fared as well, but they still have green leaves so, counting this as a plus. Hopefully, in the coming years they will recover and eventually bear fruit of their own.

All in all, it’s been a productive summer, in business and down on the farm. Hope you have all had a great summer too!


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