Brand Development for SweetWater Music Festival

Innisfree Design was fortunate to be selected to develop the SweetWater Music Festival updated brand. There were several things that needed to be factored into the development of the new logo and branding. For instance, the board of directors requested that the colour blue be preserved, although shade could be adjusted. A request was also made that the font, Avant Garde, also be incorporated in some way. This font had been utilized for several years. The festival has a history of featuring stringed instruments at their musical engagements, and the creative director happens to be an accomplished violinist. So it was requested that somehow this also be featured in the new logo design.

And finally, the logo, as with all logos, needed to be versatile and incorporate several tag lines. And so, a lovely shade of blue was agreed upon and Avant Garde was incorporated as the main font used in the branding. A secondary serif font was also utilized. The upper case “S” of the secondary font forms a detail featured on violins and is used to add more detail to the violin outline.

Each year, the festival aims to develop a brand unique to that year’s music festival. 2017 was Canada’s 150th anniversary and the festival’s theme was “A Splash of Maple”. Initially a funky, illustrative design was presented, however, it was decided to take a different route. And so, a double exposure technique was used to super-impose a few of the year’s featured musicians onto a maple leaf. Blue, gray and white were used as this year’s colours, to help solidify the organization’s new branding. This festival brand was used for the posters, and festival programme cover.

The festival programme was redesigned to reflect the organization’s branding. Requests regarding readability, organization and page count were also considered and every effort was made to meet these needs.