Welcome to my Adventures of Funny Farming!

So I bet you all were expecting a blog on graphic design tips, etc. Surprise! I love designing and graphic design and researching what’s new and trending but, my Innisfree includes a beautiful and chaotic dream of funny farming. I love the modern world but, my heart resides in a traditional world of self-sufficiency as well. So, this blog will primarily focus on the adventures of a graphic designer turned funny farmer.

The Hayburners, Radar & Abby

Humble Beginnings of the Funny Farmer

Quite a few years ago now, my husband (whom from now on I will refer to as “the Man”) and I purchased the original homestead of my grandparents (and my childhood home). Along with the big old farmhouse we acquired a large barn, shop and 8 acres of land. We wondered how we could make the land work for us as this funny farmer, already owned two large hay burners and now a rather large mortgage. I dream of having full vegetable gardens, lovely flower beds, horses, free range chickens roaming the yard, and an assortment of other livestock, a roadside vegetable stand… well you get the picture.

The Funny Farm Expands

For a couple of years we tried our hand at horse boarding. For a variety of reasons we have decided that this is not our cup of tea. By the time we had given up on giving that a go we had an assorted flock of laying hens. Chickens are a fun and emotional adventure in and of themselves! With the chicken feed came a rampant rodent issue. So our dear friends gifted us, Peeta, the super-friendly, mouse-hunting barn cat. He has since taken to roaming the land, we hope hunting not reproducing.

In January 2017 we acquired a couple of beautiful lionhead rabbits, from another friend and fellow-homesteader. Untamed, the newest funny farm residents, roam our barn and yard. I sometimes catch a glimpse of them running to their hiding spot. So far no little ones, so I keep my fingers crossed we acquired 2 of the same sex. I really don’t know what I’d do with a bunch of extra rabbits that are nearly impossible to catch.

Alex & Aaron

Window Sill Greenhouse

The Funny Farmer’s Plans for 2017

This spring/summer we are going to try our hand at raising a couple of pigs and about 20 or so meat birds. The office window has been turned into a mini greenhouse as I venture to start some veggies. We already have 2-30 square foot raised garden beds and aim to build 2 more in the spring. The Man and I are busy reading all about raising piggies and gardening on Pinterest. In this venture we are actually growing closer as a couple. Seems strange that pigs and a vegetable garden could help a marriage but, we have found something that we both enjoy and can do together! And our 6 year old is always excited about a new adventure. I can’t wait to see his face when we bring the piggies home!